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Jesse Jackson: "We Must Move From Prayer & Condolences To Policy"

cturner Wrote: Jul 20, 2012 11:07 PM
When the thug Martin attacked Zimmerman, breaking his nose, bashing his head on concrete, Zimmerman would have been killed if he had not used his gun as a last resort.

What do you say when a horrific murder spree takes place and you have a chance to speak to millions of people on CNN only hours after the act occurred? Well, if you're a so-called "Revrund" you'd think the answer would be clear, that is, unless the man of the cloth Left is Jesse Jackson.

Here is marble mouth Jackson teaming up with fellow gun control activists Mayor Bloomberg and CNN's Wolf Blitzer and Kate Bolduan. In the other corner: Newt. Guess who wins handedly? What's your solution if not gun control? they ask Newt: "It starts by focusing...