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This Year's Duke Lacrosse Case

CTsOpinion Wrote: Jul 11, 2013 9:48 AM
IMHO Zimmerman is not guilty of what he has been charged. That said I did not appreciate the dimwit behind the blank stare we have seen these last few weeks until his indecision about taking the stand to be immolated by the prosecution. What a maroon!
Just how far up your ar$e does your head have to be to believe anything coming out of the Obama Administration?
To hell with our arrogant petulant punk POTUS drive him straight over the cliff.
I have to admit I have changed my mind and agree with Ann's point her logic beats dogma. Give the commie bastards their income tax rate hike on the 'top 2%' and nothing else. No capitulation on Debt Ceiling control for any reason. Next get some serious PR help to get your message out and hang the Obamnomics albatross and Democrap necks.
Obama showed his a$$ at the second debate in that he posed easily refutable lies concerning his actions and the plans of his opposition. I saw a smartalec i.e. a petulant punk and a statesman and Obama is no statesman.
The fish rots from the head, Obama has to go to clean up this mess.
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