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1/14/15 Just for the record!! Just for the record in the last 15 years the New York City Police Department has killed 179 people, 88% were Black or Brown, 27% were unarmed. These events lead to 3 indictments with one ending in a conviction. According to Occupy.com there is a Black man killed by the police, in America, every 28 hours. The killing in Paris were terrible but hold no comparison to the historical suffering of Blacks in this society! History tells all of truth, for instance, in 1919 there were 26 race riots perpetuated by white upon Black communities in the United States Of America. Between 1824-1951 300 Black communities were destroyed and people murdered by whites and lets not forget the infamous race riot of May 21, 1921 that murdered hundreds of Blacks in Tulsa, OK just because they were very prosperous (Black wall street). So now we find ourselves at a space in time that the chickens are coming home to roost, the tables are turning and the Protestant capitalistic democratic societies are finding themselves in grave danger. Money, power, and prayer can’t save them from an inevitable fate. Finally there is a foe that has no fear (When your opponent is not afraid of dying, you are in trouble, for sure). I don’t think that even O’bama can get white America of this situation. Isis and other groups of a likewise nature are very dangerous and apparently have a great nose for fear because they have not retreated one inch. I heard one commentator on FNC state to an Uncle Rufus from Congress that we are all in this together, right? Sorry Kemo Sabe but not this time. (To many Black people are suffering because of your greed, in fact be careful because anyone with money can buy allegiance at this time) Me, I’m staying out of crowded situations and it’s for sure I am not going downtown to the market square because that’s were the suicide bombers like to hang out. I wonder what the racist media provocateurs and class driven politicians (Russ Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Paul Ryan, etc.) are thinking now that their hold card has been drawn and discarded? They have been spurring racist hatred for years and now that there are alleged Radial Islamists talking the same talk all of a sudden it is called terrorism. It has been said that “every dog has it’s day’ and It has also been stated that it’s the dog that gets hit with the brick who hollers the loudest. OBMO
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Black America’s Best Ally: Cops

ctodd jr. Wrote: Jan 02, 2015 10:53 PM
1/2/15 Staying on Point For 2015 I believe the background of slavery is always, as it should be, prevalent in the minds of Black people, male, female, young or old. (We should always make sure that our children have knowledge of what happened to our Black fore parents) What is misunderstood by many white folks is that black people, just like Jewish people, find it almost impossible to let go of the past, and rightfully so. (It is apparent that with the recent murders by white policemen of blacks that the game has not changed) We must remain ever vigilant and aware of the intentions of white America when it comes to Black survival. In the sixties there were many young white liberals that marched hand in hand with Black folk demanding justice for all; however, our cause is not connected to any of their callings because although they believe they understand our misery it is and will remain an impossibly, for their history does not echo Black pain. (It is one thing to see atrocity but another to experience it first hand on a day to day basis) Most African Americans are well aware that they must always be on guard pertaining to their well being and safety in America. They also know that in America there are many traps in place or are in the process of activation aimed at restricting minority participation in important issues as they pertain to their safety and survival. So for many blacks, especially those of the underclass, it is understood that efforts of slavery are not always of a physical nature but are, in modern America, practiced as highly purposeful psychological criminal acts leading to social violence; therefore causing what is deemed justifiable containment or murder. For many African Americans the throes of poverty, prison, and death lie just around the corner when they awake in the morning. All this mental anguish is part of everyday Black life and it beckons for each and every one of us that are “darker than blue” to stay on point.
12/17/14 On the Ground During the late 90’s to 2003 I was privy to be the manager of the Keefe Family Resource Center located in the most devastated zip code area in Wisconsin. Some of the social ill’s suffered upon the inhabitants of this zip code and many other inner-core areas are horrible to say the least. In these areas the young are in trouble from the day they are born because there is almost no way out, I know because I have been a participant and have worked many a day and night in the mist of this type of desolation. Many people cannot fathom the root causes leading up to others being trapped in what some see being destructive lifestyles; however, a couple of months journey inside one of these zones would be a very enlightening experience, believe me. I have served many people who never had a chance to be a part of the broader society, felt entirety left out and forsaken. When a person finds themselves in this type of environment it is easy to build false images of the world, some which are needed to in order for you to survive your own reality and indeed, in most cases are needed to survive day to day. Once your mind becomes use to the daily turmoil and grind of living hand to mouth you may have to do things that are deemed unlawful by society’s standards in order to sustain. Things such as buying and selling food stamps, doing hair without a license, selling drugs just to pay the rent, etc. Some folks who are fortunate enough to have job skills, education and have obtained employment that enables them to make a decent living for their families seem to forget when things were not so bright in their houses. They deem the lawlessness of the underclass as being despicable, inexcusable and indefensible. All I ask is that we as a people learn to be a little more empathic to the plight of our own who live in the underclass. I am not asking people to condone lawlessness but rather understand why, in some cases, it exists. For those that have no idea or turn a blind eye to what I’m am referring to, I hope you never have to experience life below poverty, it is devastating and hardly ever has any hope attached. Without guidance there is no portal of escape and there are not many people willing to lead; however, there are many who find the time to criticize. The wife and I don’t have much but when we are riding and see a homeless person or family with signs in their hands we share what little we got because we understand we are one lost check
The only reason you and other conservatives hate Ed is that he seems to like and work to advance the benefits for the poor and disenfranchised. I think it is very ill-minded of you to try and destroy a person who sees the need to help people in distress.
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How To Stop Being Poor

ctodd jr. Wrote: Nov 11, 2014 8:35 AM
Sounds like you were poor and white, maybe that's why you where successful. Maybe huh?
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What Happened?

ctodd jr. Wrote: Nov 11, 2014 8:30 AM
I know that this election was good for white people but for us Blacks it means more hell here on earth. Don't forget all of us Black people are not privy like Dr. Sowell.
Tavis is so petty. Just because he was not invited to the White House he has been of a crusade to destroy the President. Good Luck with that one uncle Rufus!!
10/16/14 Misguided Leadership Instead of Ebola becoming an medical emergency in America it has evolved into a highly debatable political issue. Instead of informing folks on ways to avoid and stop the spread of this sickness media people are playing the blame game. Funny, I haven’t heard this type of scenario taking place in other countries. As usual the people at Fox News couldn’t wait to blame the present administration and it’s leader for the spread of this dreaded disease. The other networks are just as harsh in their reporting on this matter, instigating instead finding solutions. They did this after blaming the nurses for not using the correct protocol as they administered the necessary help to Mr. Duncan. While placing blame on the president they failed to mention the fact that congress has made drastic cuts in the funding for the CDC Now, according to Fox and the other major networks the president hasn’t been aware enough in dealing with this plague. I am tired of Senators and Congressmen/women constantly badgering this administration as if they are not trying to answer the call of duty when it comes to protecting this country. Their major problem is that the president and some of his top advisors are Black and must be discredited even at the risk of national security. If congress wants to be involved in the discussion they first must admit it is their fault that the country does not have a medical guru in position to answer the call. Let me repeat, It is through their lack of leadership that the country does not have a Surgeon General. Congress is supposed to work in the country’s best interest and they have failed the American people by not insisting that a person be appointed to this position.
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Local or National Elections?

ctodd jr. Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 10:45 AM
What the good Doctor fails to understand is that "We the People" doesn't apply to him or his kind!!
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Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

ctodd jr. Wrote: Oct 12, 2014 11:46 AM
Klans man in a suit
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