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What the Argentines Protest

cshirkey Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 8:31 AM
There's talk that Obama will try and do the same thing. I, for one don't see that happening but, you never know if the democrats have their way and have the people in power and the dumbed down citizenry to vote for it. A third term would bring a revolution that the left wouldn't be able to deal with.

I arrived in Buenos Aires a few days ago, and didn’t stay long. It wasn’t an official event, not even a Fact Finding Expedition. My main business was in Montevideo, Uruguay, where I attended the 2012 Global Forum on Direct Democracy. Citizens in Charge, an organization I spearhead, had sponsored the previous Global Forum, held in San Francisco, and my interest in citizen participation in government has not decreased over time. And yet, this little “vacation” was more than relevant. For interesting things are happening in Argentina.

Things pertaining to citizen-powered government.

It’s neither a...