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T-Ball War in the Middle East

cshirkey Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 9:23 AM
Obama should have stayed out of it and Israel should have pounded them into the dust. THAT would have given Israel and the west an answer to Iran. Egypt and Turkey wouldn't dare get involved if they thought they wouldn't get money and/or arms from us. I truly dislike this government with a passion because they/WE know Iran is working on getting the bomb and we're not doing anything about it except sanctions which means very, very little to the nut cases there. We're a super power so, why not use our technology and end them? We wouldn't have to put a boot on the ground there except to watch it disappear. THEN all the other crazies would wise up and go back to their mud huts and leave the rest of the world alone.
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If No One Goes With You, You Cannot Win

cshirkey Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 9:09 AM
My belief is that Republican voters didn't truly like the choices they had in the candidates. It's like the old saying..chosing the lesser of the 2 evils but, in this case, they didn't want to choose either one. We need to get another Reagan and start grooming him now. This country is going to implode because of the democrats but, maybe it needs to happen to get people wised up. Sometimes you need to get hurt to understand what you did wrong.
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Make the Democrats Own the Obama Economy

cshirkey Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 8:59 AM
Ann has laid out the true facts. Obama pushing for that 2% is really taking eyes off the real problems. But, as long as he's pushing; why not make the alphabet networks step up and pay an excessive amount of taxes?! I believe anyone with a lick of sense would NOT miss them going off the air forever. Where are the days when they just gave you the news and not pushed their points of view/agenda?! Or, are they going to be protected and put on the back burner and not really be affected since they're in bed with the democrats and Obama? Obamacare is going to close businesses and prevent startups all across America. The problem is that both parties spent money we didn't have and stole from Social Security to fund other projects. That's very bad.
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The GOP: A Most Unpopular Majority Party

cshirkey Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 12:06 AM
This was all about dumbing down Americans for the last 4 years and now when the GOP really didn't present a good candidate people were left with picking the lesser of the 2 evils BUT, because of the dumbing down process America chose the wrong of the 2 evils. The GOP needs, right now to start looking for someone with the "heart of Reagan" and start promoting this person NOW. America needs the time to be reeducated to the promise of the GOP. The young voters have been "infected" the most with the idealism of progressive thinking. They do not see the bigger picture with the bigger problems that lies in wait for them. The elderly have been bombasted with fear of loosing Social Security and health benefits. Obama will see to it.
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A National Crisis in Character

cshirkey Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 9:48 AM
"Thank You Star Parker" You really spelled it out correctly.
It is never going to go away so legalize for people over 21 and if your state is in the red like most states are today then put a tax on it. As far as agencies who's careers are geared around drugs..go after the hard drugs. That's something the majority wants but, the pot the majority don't have a problem with. As far as the smell as Mary453 wrote and her view suggesting that anyone who smokes it turns into jellyfish in the head well, that's just not true. I smoke it to relieve pain from nerve damage. People who smoke it just to get buzzed is not MY idea for it's use but, these people will always be here. They are the ones who turn to alcohol and kill someone in an accident or other methods. Alcohol should be illegal.
Very funny but, Oh so true.
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What the Argentines Protest

cshirkey Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 8:31 AM
There's talk that Obama will try and do the same thing. I, for one don't see that happening but, you never know if the democrats have their way and have the people in power and the dumbed down citizenry to vote for it. A third term would bring a revolution that the left wouldn't be able to deal with.
The hurt is coming. Watch for the layoffs. The businesses closing. The unions acting like they did at Hostess. It's going to be painfull. The very people who hoped and prayed for this change are going to be the biggest whinners and all we can do is say....."We Told You But You Wouldn't Listen"
You have said exactly what Christians or, at least many Christians who didn't vote for Obama have been saying for quite some time. He will allow us to fall then see what we have and haven't done correctly. He will allow us to come back to Him and ask for forgiveness and for His help. That's what people of faith should do everyday. Pray for each other and for our country and it's leadership. God Almighty knows.......we really need to.
Perfectly said. I AM guilty of being one of millions who stood up and called it like it is. The followers of Obama remind me of the Ostrich with their heads up their keesters and not in the sand. I'm 60 and I have watched with amazement of how this country has turned from a strong, God loving country to a nation of ignorance in the last 40 years with it's drive to become a socialist, government controlled country. Sadly, it's happening and the supporters of this don't even recognize it for what it is but, call it political correctness so that makes it right.
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