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Obama is Sinking America

cscavitto Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 12:44 PM
obama is truly amazing if you stop and think about it. He went from junior senator and became the 44th president of the United States. Then, he be came the 1st undocumented president of the new USSA and IS successfully voiding and destroying the U.S. Constitution a peice at a time. No one seems to be able to stop him. He has unchecked power and does whatever he wants to do. He is the only unstopable president this county has ever had and he knows it. He is the driving force behind all of those far left wing liberals and radicals who embrace socialism. He puts his hands in our pockets and digs deep while lying to us. It seems that he is not only a president but a god since he has full control on the destruction of our country.

Although it certainly wasn’t Oscar material, I still love the 1989 film “Erik the Viking,” starring, among others, Tim Robbins, Mickey Rooney, Eartha Kitt and John Cleese. It’s a campy British comedy-fantasy about a band of misfit Vikings on a quest to reach Valhalla.

In one scene, the motley mob finds its way to the island of Hy-Brasil, a happy, peaceful, sunlit land populated by white-robed, free-loving, uber-pacifist morons.

You know, liberals.

Through a series of immaterial events, the island begins to sink into the ocean. As it does, Erik and crew evacuate and re-board the ship while Hy-Brasil’s inhabitants...