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Eric Holder is doing an injustice to "the race". Trying to blame criticism of Obama's failures and short comings on his "race" assumes there is something inferior about his "race" that 61% of Americans recognize. If I were black I would be screaming for Holder's head.
Obama is laying off soldiers on the battle field, mailing their families pink slips, and here he is giving a traitor and a coward a job.
Obama can't have him arrested because it would reveal to the world he is a total idiot giving up 5 Taliban leaders in exchange for one traitor.
Butt ugly....LOL I love it. Rode hard an put away wet also comes to mind.
We still don't know where all the money came from that financed Obama's election in 2008. It was bundled from overseas and washed. The donations were anonymous and just under the limit of disclosure.
The VA is being run exactly like Obamacare. The only difference is their death panel is called Disruptive Behavior Committee. It will all be enforced by DHS and since conservatives, Christians, right to lifers and veterans are considered a threat to Obama and his party, they will be red flagged and suffer and die.
She did give her client everything he was entitled to under the Am Bar rules. However, what comes later out of her mouth reveals the arrogant disdain she has for teenaged girls from broken homes. Justice was not done and her gloating about her strategy stinks.
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