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Can't Make a Choice Based on Lies

csadowski Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 6:34 PM
It amazing that people will just waste their vote. Gary Johnson has no chance. There are only one of two men that " will be " the next president. You may not like either man, but I'm sure one of them is closer to your beliefs than the other. Weigh the pro's and con's of each one and think about the direction this country will be heading into with either one. It's not just about their policies, They pick the Supreme Court, They deal with foreign governments, etc. Get realistic don't waste your vote.

A version of this column appeared originally in THE DAILY BEAST.

Both presidential candidates describe this election as the most important choice in a generation and insist that the outcome will fatefully shape the direction of government and society.

But voters can’t make a meaningful decision when the discussion during the last month of the campaign (and, undoubtedly, much of the televised debate on Wednesday night) will be based on shameless, embarrassing lies.

Those lies flow most egregiously (but not exclusively) from the President of the United States.

Every day Barack Obama frames the electoral decision as a stark choice...