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Setting the Record Straight

crustyoldwoman Wrote: Jan 29, 2013 11:47 PM
I am fairly certain that the Kennedy's receive remuneration every time a movie uses the "ask not..." portion of that speech. Why is it different for the King children? Perhaps the lovely Democrat racism is rearing its head again?

Usually, I like to use this space to start a conversation about the political and social issues facing our country as a whole; I try to focus on issues that either explicitly or implicitly affect everyone.

And so it might be a surprise to some people that I want to address a specific controversy: the slander of the family of Martin Luther King. This might not seem like it is everyone’s business, but the King family is a major part of our national history, and slander is a necessarily public injustice. Undoing this injustice must in turn be public.

Columnist George...