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A Rafter of Turkeys

crude Wrote: Nov 25, 2012 10:05 PM
Again, "When would big government suit a Republican's needs?" You and many here have asked. Let me answer that question. When the Republican Party removed 'the evil Saddam Hussein who killed hundreds of thousands of his fellow Iraqis' and believe that it's the American people's responsibility, rather than the Iraqi people's responsibility to free themselves. When the Republican Party promoted the 'ownership society' that helped bring on the housing bubble and all of its subsequent bailouts. When the Republicans party creates new programs like their precious 'Faith Based Initiatives.'

November 25, 2012

Politicians are supposed to know something about symbolism. Much of what they do is symbolic. And yet, for all their alleged expertise, they somehow fall short.

They stand to the heraldic eagle as, well, just a rafter of turkeys. (Yes, a grouping of turkeys is called a “rafter.” Hey: I didn’t make this up.)

President Obama, last week, provided a grand example — but before I get to the president, pardon me a digression. Particularly, in calling politicians “turkeys,” I mean no offense to the turkey.