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Explaining the Laffer Curve

crosspatch Wrote: Sep 11, 2012 5:38 AM
Does this take into account TOTAL taxation? For example, I live in a state with a state income tax and I also have a significant sales tax. Would a change in state tax rates have an impact on federal revenue if people find more of their income taxed away no matter what the taxing authorities doing the total taxation? Might a federal tax change also have an impact on state income tax revenue? I wonder if state lawmakers do not consider the impact of federal tax changes might have on their own state revenues.
Also, Velvet Revolution *was* as Fenton Communications client at one point though I don't know if they still are.
One problem with the article and that is the phrase that Tides foundation is "Soros controlled". I wouldn't put it quite that way though he DOES use Tides to "launder" donations. I believe it is important that people realize what Tides is. The purpose of Tides is to collect donations from various foundations and individuals and in turn, make donations to various "progressive causes". These causes see a donation from Tides, not from the original donor. Tides also consults with people such as Fenton Communications in deciding "worthy" progressive causes. When a donation is made to Tides, one can "earmark" some or all of their money to specific causes or they can leave all or some of it up to Tides to decide. Earmarks are not reported.
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