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Inauguration Day

Crossed the Rubicon Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 5:46 AM
Look closely at the picture of Obama....he has AGED!! I know it happens frequently to those in this office., but Obama easily looks ten years older than he did in 2009. Too bad age has not brought wisdom for him.
For foreigners, the only thing nuttier than watching the way we elect our Presidents is watching the way we inaugurate them.

For a nation that wears its egalitarianism not just as a badge of honor, but (as we saw this past November) almost as a requirement for office, the pomp and circumstance involved in a modern U.S. Presidential inauguration would have moved Louis XIV to modesty.

Both parties face the same issue: Looking for the balance between demonstrating a public outpouring of interest, if not affection, for the person preparing to take the oath of office without giving your political opponents...

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