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And since you didn't want the child anyway, why would you care if your parents raised it in a "controlling" Christian environment??
Uhhh...that would be a great big, NOPE!!
And 71% of Americans are now found to have no basic understanding of economics.
I'm taking a vacation day from my JOB, something Obama has never really had. And I just spewed my coffee. Matthews is whacked.
There's a big difference between care for the vulnerable and care for the purposefully stupid.
It depends on whether or not they co-signed for the loans. If they did, there's no getting out from under it, even in it darn well should be!!
And multiply that situation by how many before it becomes a "real" issue? Your slippery slope idea of morality is what's causing the downfall of this country. Why can't we expect perfection, when the issue is being held to ideals of honesty and integrity in elections? Why would anyone say a "little" cheating is ok? You need to get a compass check on your morals.
I worked the polls in Ohio on election day. This story does not surprise me in the least. The democrats at my precinct were belligerant and nasty when I ever questioned who was eligible to vote. The precinct judge, over my objections, took the machine tapes to t he board of elections with ANOTHER registered democrat, when by law, he was supposed to have a republican "ride along". When ever democrats on TV scream that there is no evidence of voter corruption, I always yell back at the TV....because you guys do everything you can to suppress finding the evidence!!
Ooops. Don't you get it?? Don't try to color true conservatives with your hate filled invectives.
You, sir, are an IDIOT!! It's NOT black vs. white issue. It's liberal vs conservative, free market vs govt. controlled market, capitalism vs socialism, etc. Do
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