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Wonderfully put sentiment!! My previous comments to that effect on liberal sites, such as huffington post have been met with extreme vitriol. One person even referred to 15 year old girls as adults, as far as decision making skills. I am so sad for the many young women and GIRLS who let themselves confuse freedom and sexual promiscuity with no regard for the emotional consequences.
I can't stand watching the View for more than 10 minutes. Can't imagine being on there for 10 years. I guess the money made it worthwhile.
Article says this was promoted by the Alabama Dept. of Education. It's probably run by the usual leftist, democratic educators. Many states give their dept. of education free reign in curriculum matters....with the idea of letting the experts decide educational issues. Ha!
Well reasoned thought!! Hope it's not hard for you, as a person of color, to ever express these ideas. Democrats are great for not only taking support of minorities for granted, they always are so dismissive and derisive of those who don't follow them without question.
Great comment, Whitebeard!!! Spot on!!
But many who claim to be "Catholic" call themselves that only based on family history and culture. They rarely attend Mass, do not practice the faith and don't educate their children in the faith. Yet, they easily refer to themselves as Catholic. Many, many are truly "Catholic in name only".
I hear ya, Annfann 777, having been on the receiving end of it for many years. Now, as my daughters approach adulthood, they are facing the heartache of having to defend being a conservative Catholic to a harshly critical world.
oops...that Pelosi and the other fake Catholic politicians were the ones who were being wishy-washy and that THEY have moral relativism, not the Catholics who criticize them. Just my take on the comment.
Different context...I thought "What's up" was referring to Pelosi as being wish
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