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Yeah, they (the tea partiers) "cast their votes in every election every year." If that is true then the tea party voted en mass for Barrack Obummer. I guess they think Obummer is better than Romney. Correction: delete "think" - maybe "believe" is the word I'm looking for. I know Christians who didn't vote for Romney because he is, "not a Christian." Of course Obummer is a Christian, I guess because he attended Rev. Wright's church for 20 years. The far-right is not helping folks.
"(I)ncompressible", means not capable of being compressed. That's incomprehensible in the context Ransom used the word. Oh, maybe that's what he meant.
Nice work! You should forward it to Piglouse.
"Real State of Obama's Union" - heck, I thought this article was about his marriage to Mooch. Even though he's halfway to ruining the country, being married to Mooch is a worse state to be in.
Not factored into the Obummercare cost estimate is the time and expense involved when their identities and personal information are hacked.
No harm in pot. But stay away from that burger and fries - that will really screw you up. What a couple of morons.
So the liberals will find Gov. Christie directly responsible for "bridgegate" (and that's a fair conclusion, given the personal closeness of the aide involved, notwithstanding his denial) but Obama can't be connected to one scandal in his office because he just didn't know and we can't prove he did. Yeah, that makes sense to me. Wake up America, or should I say Amerika
That's because the term derives from "independent", something those with muddled or no political compass wish they were.
As someone who spent 36 years adjudicating unemployment appeals, I can tell you the end of an unemployment claim, either through exhaustion of benefits, or final denial, is the greatest impetus for reemployment of the claimant. Of course, my evidence is just antidotal. That's the liberals answer for dismissing real world experience for their favored socialist agenda.
For a good picture of what's wrong with education read Real Education by Charles Murray.
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Ryan Saves GOP From Itself

cross bones Wrote: Dec 17, 2013 10:39 AM
Well, then get used to living under 8 years of Clinton 2, or should I say Clinton squared. That is the same stupid reaction Christian conservatives had in refusing to vote for the "non-Christian" Romney. Of course, they are all much better off now, comfortable in the fact they did not support a "non-Christian." Being a realist and a pragmatist is not the same thing as being a hypocrite. The right wingers need to learn that lesson. Soon.
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