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Must be sore as hell from all those tricks you turn every day.
You two must be sore as hell from all the tricks you are turning.
Well obviously she charges her tricks more than you do. Is she better looking?
The site for hookers is called Craigslist. Take your lies and filth there.
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You Can't Keep a Good Myth Down

crognale Wrote: Oct 03, 2014 2:48 PM
Which can be rescinded by the next President if he so chooses.
laptop or lapdance?
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Why Beheading?

crognale Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 5:51 PM
How about we capture some of the jihadis and be-nut them? Think that might stop this?
Ms Allen is guilt of AWB, armed while black. The dems don't allow their slaves to have weapons.
He was. The original complaint was filed by him. She and her husband had successful businesse there. The bro was greedy and was willing to sacrifice his sister to get control of the wealth. Typical muslim.
To begin with I call BS on the alleged poll. Polling is notorious for begin easily skewed to present the desired results. Secondly, It doesn't matter what an alleged majority thinks. When we stand before God, He will judge us according to His law and from His just judgement there is NO appeal. So you just keep on believing what you want in your fairy tale existence. Be prepared, though, to accept the consequences.
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