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laptop or lapdance?
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Why Beheading?

crognale Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 5:51 PM
How about we capture some of the jihadis and be-nut them? Think that might stop this?
Ms Allen is guilt of AWB, armed while black. The dems don't allow their slaves to have weapons.
He was. The original complaint was filed by him. She and her husband had successful businesse there. The bro was greedy and was willing to sacrifice his sister to get control of the wealth. Typical muslim.
To begin with I call BS on the alleged poll. Polling is notorious for begin easily skewed to present the desired results. Secondly, It doesn't matter what an alleged majority thinks. When we stand before God, He will judge us according to His law and from His just judgement there is NO appeal. So you just keep on believing what you want in your fairy tale existence. Be prepared, though, to accept the consequences.
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The Ghost of John Edwards

crognale Wrote: Jun 16, 2014 9:57 AM
Ronald Reagan.
He's a democrat. He wants to kill black babies. It is what Planned Murderhood was set up to do. She, Sanger, wanted to eliminate the "mongrel" races. Her exact words. Justice Ginsburg said much the same thing. Democrats, being the blind sheep that they are, follow their shepherd. McAullife is no different. Thank GOD he can only serve one term.
Nothing will happen. The regime will execute some other -look a squirrel- event and the propaganda machines, NYT, WAHPO et all, will dutifully concentrate on it.
HUD is following their Lord and Master Obozo's command to deny Christians and Christianity any public activity. Nothing to see here, move along.
What the fools from the SJP fail to realize is that the Israelis know how to handle this sort of thing. I believe the slogan is "Never again".
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