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A Miserable New York State Of Mind

crognale Wrote: Feb 09, 2013 11:12 AM
Now, now, Ya'll leave poor Robbie alone. He's a pseudo male. Pseudo males firmly believe in the killing of babies since they can then impregnate with no consequence to themselves. Oh, and Robbie, it's not about contraception, it's about being forced to pay for abortifacents and abortions against our religious beliefs. You know, that quaint belief that goes, "Thou shalt not kill"? You do remember reading that somewhere, right?

The spin on the women's health issue could give you whiplash. Nationally and in my home state of New York, there's a whole lot of manipulation going on.

The White House continues its unnecessary, perplexing attack on religious liberty in the United States. The administration's latest stance regarding the abortion-drug/contraception health-insurance mandate continues to violate the rights of religious employers who object to contributing to such things. That's why you see not only Catholics but also Protestants, among others, suing the federal government. Contrary to much of the media spin, this debate is not about access but freedom.

During his State of the...

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