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This is pretty serious for O. Think about it, we know what he is, but He still IS the POTUS and clearly he is not getting that acknowledgment. Crowds are not coming out in a state that has a huge population and all the POTUS can gather in crowd form is tops 4,500!!! That speaks volumes! Thank God
And the truth is, He does do this when no-one is looking, long before his govenorship, long before his presidential run. This is a way of life for Romney. Cannot say the same for O.
Who made it "clear" as you say, the "Charity police? I hope, for your sake, you are not in a position to need help one day and only have the govt to rely on. I would rather rely on human compassion, understanding, care and concern from fellow citizens not Politics/Govt and beauracracy to help me.. I may starve, freeze, die waiting.. and all for too little too late..
Ya know I am pretty tired of the judgement libs pass on Romney, who in the heck do you think you are? What "charity god" did you descend from that you and the left wing media think that only money is all that it will take to help these people, who are you to say that one cannot donate water, diapers, batteries, etc to those who need help. These people do not need to wait for the FEMA or Red Cross to decide how to spend the $$$ that mostly republicans will donate (libs show they talk a good talk but they do not walk the walk). The govt run distribution of needs it sorely lacking and too little too late. Let people help the way they want to help. Just go to your room and be quiet.
the quick answer to that kmattson is NO, there are no honest people left in the media. Honesty and media = oxymoron...
Isn't is amazing that the FLOTUS is all about the $$$. This election is not about who donates the most, although how each campaing spends their funds is indicitavie of how they run our country.. O.. cheap, sleazy, spending large sums of OTHERS money to spread lies and propaganda. R... Spends sending a message that he cares about America, its future, Jobs, paychecks.. ... I would rather have someone in the WH that cares about others as opposed to themselves! Sorry MO.. No 5 dollars for you.
No, NBC is not biased.. the "Lean Forward" banner running across the top of the screen might not mean the same thing to them as it does to us. NBC (National Bull-krap)
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An Ad Everyone Should See

CRobertson Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 2:55 PM
You made me cry, tears of pride for what our country can be again, but not if we elect Obama. Anyone that thinks life will get better is only fooling themselves. Take time to see Obama 2016 Now streaming live on Netflix and copy the link of this vid and send it to those you know. We all need to hear this, regardless of our party affiliation.
I have a question for the Pro-choice people... its been bugging me all day. The whole premise/arguement for aborting a baby before 20 weeks is that it is not considered a baby until then. It is a fetus.. that is what the medical/liberal community calls the child. Here is where my confusion and perhaps the great FLAW in this arguement is. When a woman who chooses to keep her baby, say she finds out at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 10 weeks... that she is pregnant, from the moment on she calls it a "baby".. it is a life to her.. Right? So it seems to me that women are the ultimate deciders when it is a baby and when it is not.. Not a medical expert.. Women wage their own war on themselves.. when it is convenient or not.
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Classy: Obama Campaigns on 9/11

CRobertson Wrote: Sep 11, 2012 2:30 PM
The travel documents have a lot to be looked into, in that this person in the WH failed to mention that he visited Pakistan in 1981 and ONLY mentioned it when it was discovered by his goons who protect him that someone was looking into his Passport. This person who was investigating the passport mysteriously died, was murdered. I think it needs to be looked into, and many more things that are questionable about this presidency and those in close contact with this president.
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