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I've personally stopped viewing liberals as people.
Liberals support destructive policies. They support destructive policies because either they are stupid or they do indeed want to destroy the country. What is the safer assumption: that they want to destroy the country but in reality or just stupid; or assume that they are stupid but in reality they want to destroy the country?
Reid won because "moderate" Republican really means liberal. These "moderate" Republicans voted for Reid because they cannot stand to have a conservative. And what exactly where Angles extremist positions?
That white trash wh*re has no chance of winning the senate race, so Kentucky Republicans should do the right thing and dump McConnell for Bevin. But if Bevin does win the nomination, who would doubt that McConnell would pull an Arlen Specter and change parties?
On balance Coburn was a fine senator. The only problem, and this is a big problem, is he claims that he is friends with Obama. That is just utterly disgusting.
You mean the Sue Lowden who wouldn't endorse Sharron Angle? Put the blame where it belongs: moderates and establishment suck-ups didn't get their candidate so they took their ball and went home. This is a patter that has repeated itself. Tea Partiers and conservatives rally to your d*uche bag candidates, why don't you gays do the same?
"[T]here is no political will for mass deportations. . ." Amongst liberals you are right. But ask real Americans and you will find a bounty of people that will voluntarily help to deport illegals.
Allowing illegals currently in the country to legally remain in the country IS amnesty.
He sees the writing on the wall: conservatives are finally taking over.
Is it Jennifer Benson, or Guy Rubin? Well a shill by any other name would smell just as sour. What other favors do you perform for Priebus and Rove?
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