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Great article, Gun Free Zones=Free to Kill Zones. To the posts concerning whether a .45 has enough power to knock you down, yes it does, it will knock the breath out of you even with kevlar on. That may have been all that was needed to shorten his shooting spree, to allow others to intervene. Always be aware, be vigilant, stop assuming that just because the law abiding public obeys the laws, and the police are only a 911 call away that all's well.
There will be many unemployed in D.C. after the November elections, will the Dems use this as a part of the reelection campaign to help with the employment figures?
Somewhere in the empty caverns of the liberal mindset, the blame will somehow be President Bush's.
This is an embarrassment to our nation. This is failure on an extreme level. The POTUS should take full responsibility , this happened on his watch. IMAGINE.......THE PRESS IF THIS WAS A REPUBLICAN ADMINISTRATION!
What a great way to start your day! Funny and true. If my memory serves me correctly the media couldn't wait to air any and all things about President Bush and his administration,but now the liberal media has been afflicted by a strange disease that renders them deaf, blind, and stupid!
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