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We found that the Offices of the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General received 11 weekly reports in 2010...six of seven NDIC reports included among several other entries a summary ...[stating] that Celis-Acosta and the straw purchasers in Operation Fast and Furious were responsible for trafficking 1,500 firearms to Mexican drug cartels. Attorney General Holder told the OIG that he DID NOT BELIEVE that he reviewed these reports at the time that his office received them and that his staff did not bring them to his attention." *emphasis added above* Reports sent to his office. He doesn't recall reading them. And the OIG can't prove whether he actually read them or not. Hm.
Hello Sloandog, homernoble, and Dan_NV (&Katie!): always nice to see familiar names in a place. I don't think Kennedy should have the right to be mentioned without noting that vile act he committed. As for Strickland's speech...he called Romney a liar, (economically) unpatriotic and unpatriotic in his heart....and that's acceptable?
That is the truth. Sort of like the public sector unions. Empower them to receive money so that they may send it to Democrats.
Why do you think Democrats have really supported gay marriage? For the political donations! That was a joke. A sad sad joke.
Still making no sense I see.
A colorful analogy: Imagine a woman married to an abusive man. Over the course of 8 years, the violence escalates and takes a sudden rise at the end, before she finally divorces. Her next husband approves of her ex’s level of abuse and keeps it at its highest level for a time before ratcheting it down – though still well above the levels of abuse given by her ex for most of the marriage. Do you call the second husband a romantic? Those who contend that Obama is not a profligate spender are suffering from something analogous to battered person syndrome. Hopefully enough of us are willing to get out of this destructive relationship in 2012.
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