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IT'S ALL SHAME THE NITWIT, LOSER GOP LEADERSHIP IS FALLING FOR. Obama and his leftist Cabal will NEVER secure the border, Never.
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A Health Care Solution

cris11 Wrote: Mar 22, 2013 6:12 AM
She missed at least two outrageous coverage mandates we have here in New York City, which undoubtedly is also the case in other areas of the country: 1) Gender Reassignment surgery and hormone treatment (i.e.) sex change operations 2) Prostate Cancer screening and treatment, which is necessary for men - But this coverage mandate extends to all health insurance polices, included women's policies - who don't have a prostate
OK, Leftist mastermind Adam Schiff - 1st let's roll back immunity for elected officials and make them personally responsible for all unpaid debt accumulated during their tenure.
Jerry, are you living in the Obama White House? Currently the United States grants more immigrants legal citizenship than any nation on the planet, by far. What you propose is a disgraceful theft of freedom from American citizens and a vile denigration of the value of US Citizenship. Are you mathematically challenged or a delusional nitwit? Services for illegal Aliens now cost the American Tax payer $100's of Billions each year, which they cannot afford. Your sophistic effort to use religious spirituality to support what is nothing more than forcefully stealing billions from America citizens is shameful and repugnant.
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