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Go read the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. I still have constitutional rights that the President swore he'd protect.
This isn't inadvertent. He no longer has to pander to the far right and is going after the moderates and independents. Which is fine with me since there's no worry about any extreme conservative voting for President Obama.
Not sure how much Dr. Robert Witt makes at the University of Alabama, but the revenue he's generated due to incredibly successful campus upgrades and PR campaigns, he's worth whatever he's getting. It's all relative. If a University President is sitting on his hands, kicking his feet up, then he shouldn't be rewarded. But for Presidents that make a positive impact on their University and the surrounding areas (like Dr. Witt), they should be compensated appropriately for it.
Homosexuals are not inherently pedophiles, nor are they inherently drug addicts or murderers.
Social conservatives believe in the rights granted to us in the Constitution. I'm just trying to defend the first amendment. Though, as a conservative, I do believe states have the rights to make laws like this. I just disagree with it because to me it uses a religious law to govern our people, which is what our ancestors came to this country for, religious freedom and freedom from religion.
What makes you think it is "unnatural, abnormal, or deviant"? And I don't even know what you're trying to say with your second statement.
Because our grandparents though interracial marriage was sexual deviance. And again, your religious views shouldn't make something illegal. Under your logic, if enough atheists were elected and wanted to make Christianity illegal, they could...
That's a commandment. I don't remember the commandments saying anything about gay marriage. Regarding your second statement, have you ever masturbated? And "you rumprangers"? So because I support gay rights as a conservative, that means I'm also a homosexual?
Great article, one of your best actually. And I actually tend to be a little to the left of your social policy. But your economic views are right on...
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Glee Celebrates the 'T'

Crims0nTider Wrote: Apr 27, 2012 10:43 AM
How about we not tell anyone what to do with their own bodies? And let people have the freedom that the Constitution promises them? I'm a Christian, but respect others enough not to force my beliefs onto them. The hypocrisy from our side of the isle is getting annoying. We either support the Constitution or we don't.
Welcome to the 21st century fellow conservatives... It's time to accept people for their character and integrity, not their sexuality.
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