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Foreign enemies: Army and CIA, domestic enemies: police, FBI etc etc. That's the way most of the countries do it. Don't you know that stuff like Newtown only happens in countries where it easy to get a gun. This would never happen where I live, because there is a social and cultural pressure not to own guns. And stop being so paranoia. You're watching waaay too many hollywood movies. Do you even know what socialist means? When was the last time your goverment comitted mass murder. Take a trip to Europe and you see a safer world that ain't ruled with fear.
Nope, not paid to be stupid or a pre-existing condition. That's just the way it is in most countries outside of the US. But your media doesn't cover it, cuz it's against the believe of american exceptionalism. I'll invite you to my country so can see it yourself. Maybe you americans should try to get outside your country for once. There a whole different world out there. With less fear and saver for families.
Haha pre-existing condition. I know the movie. It's about psycho dictators using their weapons on their people. The last time one of does has been the CEO of my country has been at least 1500 years ago. Just some gun lobby movie that wants you to buy guns and wont care if you kill yourselves. You're being manipulated. I'll invite you to my country, so you can see how delusional I am. Maybe you turn out to be delusional yourself.
That's correct. His words were said a long time ago. So just like the second amendment, we have to put them to the test of time.
Just some statistics to help you think outside the box. http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/cri_tot_cri-crime-total-crimes Still glad your crimes are down :-)
You're right. The little coward is the problem! But 150 people in the states don't hunt. Don't be silly. Think for yourself. How many of those 150 people have actually used their arms for hunting. And a using a bushmaster ain't hunting...it's slaughter. There's more challenge in buying a good burger. And maybe more people should try fishing.
In holland we have a saying: "fear is a bad advisor". And you're all reasoning out of fear. And incorrect data. http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/cri_tot_cri-crime-total-crimes check the statistics. 5 times more crime then russia. Almost twice as much as the runner up. If maybe more then 1% of the US even tried to visit other countries. You'd now that the rest of the world is a much safer place. I've been to eastern europa, europe, asia, middle east (safer then europe). They all are and feel saver and more secure then your home country. Matter of fact, most people of those countries won't consider visiting the US because your crimes are way up and everybody has a gun and will use it out of (illogical) fear.
The one thing I really want to say to the american people is with the Second Amendment, you're not keeping and bearing Arms to provide yourself a security of a free State. You're just providing the security of a prison. And your neighbours, friends and everybody on the other side of the door are the guards. The Second Amendment was written in a time where this was necessary. But that was a long time ago, wake up and smell the coffee. The world has changed. If you say that you're a Christian country. Act like it. Show some mercy and trust to other people. Crazy people like at Newton will always exist. But it's way much easier for them to find a gun in the States then in the rest of the world. Do something about it. Don't ignore your problems
There is no line. If the Second Amendment really wanted protection from the government. Everybody should be allowed to have a nuke in there backyard.
Maybe...and just maybe...and a little bit more maybe....the car doesn't come with bullets, muzzle velocity, effective range and rate of fire on the package :-) just a simple tip from a dutchman
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