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A Historic Debate Failure

creativegirl Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 11:28 AM
You have a good point, however the answer is right in front of your nose. Vote for Tea party candidates that will eliminate all career politicians that just pretend to be fiscally responsible - both Rep/Dems alike. The liberal media has tried to make the Tea party out to be religious fanatics, but it is a grass roots movement based on fiscal responsibility. And as far as just taxing, how about cutting waste and fraud first. I don't know a business in the world that just throws good money after bad without a budget. Lastly, ask your buddy Harry Reid to follow the law and pass a budget.

By the time of Thursday night's debate between Vice President Biden and Congressman Ryan, the polls will reflect the early consequences of President Obama's disastrous debate performance from Wednesday night.

Mitt Romney had a superb night and the contrast between his calm and in-command performance and that of a flailing, rambling president could not have been sharper, and indeed it could not have been more disorienting for the Chicago Gang running the president's re-election campaign.

The day after the president's face-plant in front of 67 million viewers, the geniuses behind the nation's dismal economy instructed the president to go ugly,...