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A Truly Great Phony

creative dude Wrote: Jun 29, 2014 9:48 PM
Black people have a wide range of talent, just like any other part of the human race. Nurture or Nature ? The number of blacks in the middle class is usually underplayed, and the number in poverty is exaggerated. When Abraham Lincoln "gave" blacks their freedom it was much less than it is often played as being. After the civil war was over black people had the vote briefly and Jim Crow laws, the KKK, and the Democratic party (all allies who sponsored each other) pretty much took care of that. Over the next hundred years most blacks lived in poverty or near poverty while the black family became an enormously strong institution. Guns in the hands of black people did more to defeat the KKK than the police ever did. This is the period when "gun control" (get the guns out of the hands of blacks) became a defining Democratic political position. Strong family bonds build strong culture. A constant stream of examples (albeit, mostly on a small scale) showed other blacks that yes, the talent was there. In World War 2 if you were a bomber pilot you wanted the red tails around. If you don't know what that means your education is lacking. The first time that black and white Americans carried guns together (not in separate outfits) in an armed conflict (war) was the battle of the bulge. It is an honor that I can say my dad was there. The people who started "Brown vs School Board" were not a group of people who scared easy. The fight for freedom might have started When Abe issued the Emancipation Proclamation, but it took a long time. There were white people who helped but quite often their support was rather tepid. There were small numbers of actual heroes (disproportionate number of Jews in their midst) (Freedom Riders) who pitched in but the bulk of the effort (and the bulk of the danger faced) came from the black community. It can truly be said that although it took old Abe to start it The black community finished it. Blacks took their freedom. And were promptly betrayed. (I know, never start a sentence with a 'and'). If the struggle for the vote was Americans and black Americans against the democratic party (fairly true), than Democrats who promptly made it about 'welfare' stabbed that struggle in the back. 'Welfare' has done more to destroy the black family than anything that has happened since slavery was ended. We have hard working successful black people in our nation. That it can be done does not fit the narrative and must be suppressed.
A refinery that refines the gas you put in your car gets between 5 and 6 cents per gallon profit. That profit is their revenue stream. Government (federal and states) get six times that to twelve times that. That is one minor revenue stream for them. When people spend money to influence the "global warming exaggerations", governments spend more than five hundred times as much as "evil oil companies do".
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A convenient lie

creative dude Wrote: May 25, 2014 6:13 PM
You did notice that inland glaciers on Greenland are getting thicker ?
Hey, more power to them. Be nice to have a little data. Pass the Calif min wadge to $26 and everyone will see exactly if this helps jobs or not. We will get to find out if Calif business's are able to keep running. We will have a little data to see if Calif will collect more tax money. Who cares if people (one at a time) are hurt this, its all about fairness ? (is it or it about political power ?) It will never be passed just because the data would be out there for everyone to see. Having data available to the public is against everything a progressive stands for.
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My Trip to the Pot Shop

creative dude Wrote: Mar 26, 2014 11:46 AM
I got here by an unlikely route, I was a pot smoker of many years who quite pot for what I considered (still do) valid reasons. Pot is not good for our short term memory, in larger amounts it damages our ability to reason, and . . . you could go to jail. I fully support Pot for cancer patients. I do not believe pot is very effective for pain, and I do not like pot (or anything else) for just "getting high". I worked for 30 years at an oil refinery. Employees there had to take occasional drug tests. I still support that in that line of work. A friend once told that when he retired he was going to go back to smoking pot and told me after I retired I could come over for a smoke. I gently declined. He was, and remains a friend. I am an adult. I put away childish things. For myself I have decided not to use. Pot is a substance with the ability to be easily misused, that said I am not happy about our society's methods of dealing with the problem. I want to, I need to repeat, I fully support Pot for cancer patients if they want it.
Just as long as we are aware that regulation of new stoves gets the camels nose in the tent. EPA would love to be able to regulate more and more and . . .
If you believe in equality of outcome than Obamacare is a good thing. It is just that most of the people who read townhall do not believe in equality of outcome. Americans are as generous as anyone in the world, and more generous than 99%. I am willing to pay taxes to help those who are unable to work. Most of us however do not want to pay taxes for those who do not WANT to work.
You came close. The unicorn did show up in Mikes back yard. Its just that mike should not have been eating that sparkly stuff the unicorn left behind.
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