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Call It what it is and waS . VOTER SUPPRESSION!!! Once again dem's are shown for the lying hypocrites they are. The GOP need to concentrate their efforts, coordinate their talking points on the individual voter. The clearly illegal activities dem's established, set-up and carried out for the sole purpose of supressing their VOTE. Not the organizations harassed,intimidated and illegal activities leveled at conserative groups. Keep it simple. Focus on the individual! Focus on the individual! Deny the IRS, the WH, Eric Holder's corrupt Justice dept., Obama and his lame stream media co-conspirators the chance to slither away.
You tell them the same reason a white president losses a second term. The American people didn't agree and under the Constitution chose someone else. Remember Obama's back seat comment? If it's not ok for a white man to tell a black man to sit in the back. Why is it ok for a black man to tell a white man to sit in the back? Racism is racism.
So which half of Obama will be going to he!!?
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What Did Obama Do, When on 9/11/12?

created soul Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 11:42 AM
The silence of Amb. Stevens family is deafening. I don't know if they think they're honoring their son's memory & legacy by remaining silent but they couldn't be more wrong. They said they don't want their son's death to be politicized but with all due respect that was his job. A job he chose. He was responsible for the safety & lives of everyone there. He wouldn't and didn't sherk his responsibility. What if their son had survived? What would he say to the families of those who died coming to HIS rescue? Would he refuse to answer their questions? Would he lie about non existent protests? From what I've read about him absolutely not. He would demand better of his country. Regardless of politics.
The difference between these two candiates is simpe. Mitt Romney will never allow anyone in his campaign to mock, disrespect Obama, or to make him the object of ridicule.
Yep he sure did. How could I forget? I wonder how long it'll be before we hear he's got to give them cab rides to the drugstore to pick em up. Pointing out If they can't get there tp pick them up it's the govt's responsibility to ensure they aren't disenfranchised from ........
Here is what they get already, Section 8 pay's 2/3 of their mortgage payment. Lifeline pays an avg $10 a month for the landline Lifeline gives away free cell phones and 160 minutes a month HEAP pays winter heating bills Food stamps keeps the pantry full of name brand snacks, soda's, burgers and pizza TANF pays for new tools for a job Car repair or car purchase contact TANF This is just the tip of the iceburg. Just check with your state or online to see what's available in your state. AND YET THEY WANT MORE!!!
First it's called Lifeline. It began while Reagan was in office with a narrow focus. It was to help low income seniors & the disabled maintain a landline. Second under Bush the prg was expanded to include cell phones primarily as a safety measure for victims of domestic violence. But true to DC culture dems weren't happy with the narrow focus. Gaining the expansion they wanted dem's used it to hold up other bills. Dems got it & pimped it out for votes back home. Third if you don't think taxpayers are paying for it take a look at your bills next time they come in. Specifically all the taxes. It's about $10 a month for each bill. SO TAX PAYERS DO PAY FOR THE CELL PHONES. Just like we pay the mortgages of people on Sec 8.
If the cell phone give away ticks you off you'll love the mortgage give away. Anyone who qualifies for Sec 8 can and does apply their Sec 8 pyt. to their mortgage. They buy a house with a payment of $900 month. They pay $300 a month leaving taxpayers to pay the $600 a month. Sec 8 use to be a rent only. NOw, they only have to pay for one third of the mortgage, 2 years they sell they keep all equity. They never have to repay the taxpayers not even a percentage. How many people lost their homes because they were unknowingly paying someone elses mortgage too? Don't believe me look it up Sec 8 mortgage assist
The not cleared by Washington was another perfect example of Obama skating on the issue and blaming someone else. How long before the person who released the statement be blamed for the ambassadors death and attack in Liyba. Obama takes responsibility for nothing!!! DISGUSTING
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