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Abating this effort is the dysfunctional Romney campaign management team who is not pounding this issue and not going after Obama's character. This is a reflection on Romney making a poor executive decision on his campaign team. He cannot beat Obama on policy or facts (there are no facts anymore, just spin to confuse). He must crush Obama's "likability" with a character assassination.
The "future" refers to both time and afterlife, "must not" (as opposed to will not or won't or doesn't) means he is taking a stand to act on their behalf, "belong" as in to rule or be in control, "to those who slander", not just about the video - anyone who has an opinion that upsets the Muslims whether accurate or not, "prophet of Islam", notice he didn't say Mohammed - not addressing by name but by honorable description - would be like like saying the Savior of Christianity, or the G-d of Abraham, etc. Now add that all together and what do you get? A message to the Muslims as to where his heart and mind reside and what his intentions are. The main stream media neglect is primarily responsible for the upcoming downfall of the US.
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Inside Team Romney's Plans To Win

CrazyJustin Wrote: Sep 19, 2012 11:59 AM
Learn from what Sarah Palin said about what they could have done different in 2008. In short, don't hold back, go after Obama's character. With the media stacked against him, no matter what Romney says it will be manipulated and judged unfairly. The best chance for victory and to save this country is to be bold, get mad and engage the public with emotion, and go for the jugular. Taking a defensive posture is losersville. Acting like an executive won't get it done. Talking policies - nobody is listening and everyone is frustrated. If the Republican Party doesn't go all out for victory they will lose the confidence of a majority of supporters for the next 8 years, at least. Dismantled, reformed - too late.
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