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Shubi, all of the deep fried lard is penetrating your brain.
No, but they can dream..Katie Pavlich said it can be so.
An right afterwards you all go out for a meal of deep fried fat and a little cross burning. And to think I was chastized for referring to a lowest common denominator as representative of the right!
Why am I not surprised you live in Kentucky? I should have guessed, it makes your entire picture clear.
Yeah! I can tell you have an MA in political science! From Glen Beck University, no doubt. LOL! Every night we liberal Marxists patrol neighborhoods just like yours to kidnap your children and indoctrinate them to take over America.
Another example of not being able to respond to an actual argument and hoping that an insult will fool everybody into thinking otherwise.
Godzill, you always know you've hit a solid point when someone like Shubi can only respond with a lame insult. Catholics are outraged, mind you, over birth control, but when it comes to the unwanted babies who are abused, starved, beaten, and neglected? Not so much.
How many people who are in jail for killing or beating gays will say, in a poll, that they believe in "freedom of religion"? How many posters on Clown Hall will say the same thing, right after writing some loathesome, ignorant, vicious post about homosexuality?
Where do you live that there are no people who say they believe in religious freedom, but think gays should be put to death, ostracized, or sent to therapy? I really wanna know.
Andy Gipson Mississippi Mississippi state GOP Rep. Andy Gipson clarified on Monday an earlier Facebook post, claiming that his citation of a Bible passage calling for gay men to be "put to death" in the wake of Obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage rights was not in line with his true feelings on the matter.
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