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Hacker72..... Ditto that!
My question is: When did Communism become tolerated in America? And when did treason become a regular unpunished offense? Answer: When Obama became President.
.....and Party!!!!
It couldn't happen to a better couple. LOL
That's what Nobama and the DemonRATS are.....the personification of EVIL!!!!
WJF..... Exactly!!!!
chunkylovemuffin..... ....and Jaime Zapata, an unarmed undercover agent working in Mexico was murdered while driving down the highway and his partner was severely wounded and left for dead on the side of the road. This was due to the illegal "Fast and Furious" debacle that Holder and Obama instituted.
WJF..... Exactly!!!! Right on the money once again.
Like I always say: Liberal minds are like cement. ...thoroughly mixed and permanently set!
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