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The Islamo Nazis need to be vaporized....turning them into protons, neutrons and electrons after dropping a few nuclear bombs on them since they like to blow themselves up. Let's do it for them right now! But unfortunately with this POS in the WH this will never happen since he is one of them!
This is just another resume enhancer for the DemonRATS. The more criminal and corrupt they are the more they are worshiped and the more they (useful idiots) will vote for them. If this was a Republican or just the accusation of some false impropriety you would never hear the end of it. It would be front page news, splattered all over the local and national news, etc. This is why the DemonRATS are who they are....EVIL, SATANIC and POSs!
No surprise here..... DemonRATS....just proves once again, the dumber they are, the more "qualified" they are to be running for whatever office.....or to be appointed for whatever office.
Flattus..... Flagged for spam.
Flattus.... As Patriots all know, looks like you're short on brains. LOL
loistheloser.... Go back to Huffington Compost where you belong.
Because he doesn't give a s*#* and he hates Israel just as much as he hates the United States! Remember, he's the Racist-Marxist-Muslim-in-Chief!!!! And don't you forget it.
WJF..... Exactly!
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