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It's the parents fault for sending there children to these "public indoctrination centers" Home schooled children are more intelligent and healthier. Healthier because most do not receive vaccinations which have been linked to every know disorder and disease that children and adults have. But don't believe me see for yourself and make your own decision. Dr. Tent with over 4 decades in the research and fact finding reviles the truth about autism, cancer, and autoimmune syndrome in this astounding video, If you love your children and grand children please watch this video, and God bless you, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aHRMjVHggI&feature=share&list=PLHajSV8HoNdQn5XkUG2szi97QDG3UGSzB
Electronic voting machines are PROGRAMMABLE!
For being in bear country, I would prefer something "belt feed"...lol...
Why are you crying about some shot up road sign, when you should be concerned with the 60 million dollars of taxpayer money that went to the muslim brotherhood in Egypt to buy F16's or the billions that went to Pakistan for supposed "electrical infrastructure" or the waste of billions of Taxpayer dollars that go to restorer mosques in islamic countries. Then goggle "wasteful government spending" and pick a new pet peeve and leave the road sign for some other moron to worry about. No offense Note: some words above, not capitalized out of disrespect"
Amen, people sure make fools of themselves when they do no research before making comments. No offense.
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Obama the Job-Killing Owl-Killer

Crashaxe Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 8:56 AM
Hemp produces 4.2 times as much fiber per acre as dose timber which takes at least 20 years to reproduce another harvest of timber, as Hemp in most climates can produce three crops per year making it a far superior crop with application for over 5000 uses from food to concrete. Research Industrial hemp, Uses for Hemp, Become educated, Not brainwashed.
Well Germaine, you are right about one thing Obama will always remain the trans-formative figure that brought the once great country of America to it's knees and turned it over to Islamic law.
Lol... Amen Chuck,
If they believe the current impostor in the white house is good for this country than the answer would be a definite YES!
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