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Mike Lee: Senators Only Had Six Minutes to Read “Fiscal Cliff” Bill Before Voting

Crankshaft101 Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 9:01 AM
Do we really deserve this kind of representation in government? Most of these elected officials can't be trusted to do the right thing or to handle the peoples money. It's high time we all realize something has to be done about this mess in D.C. and term limits are the best answer.

What could go wrong, right? According to Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee, members of the upper chamber had -- at most -- six minutes to read the “fiscal cliff” bill before they voted on it. Little wonder, then, that the so-called “compromise” (save for a few silver linings) was in many respects a complete and total disaster (via Reason):

“Everything about this bill was a failure…you need look no further than the fact that we were given a total of six minutes before we voted on it. Not one single Senator who voted...