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This is exactly what happens when you pass a major entitlement program without the backing of any Republican votes. The stupid Dems should have gotten this right from the start but were too stupid to see the writing on the wall. falls and people die and Obama goes out to play golf.
The Republican mantra should be: Repeal or Resign!
Well, the heck of it is the insurance companies couldn't bring back those cancelled policies, even if they wanted to. Obama has no idea how the process works. Once these policies were non-conforming to the ACA, they were dismantled and trashed!
Sure, why do you think they pushed for all the Mental illness provisions in the plans?
So why couldn't people take out an expensive, high deductible Obamacare policy for one month and then drop the sucker? Also, many companies see short term medical policies for a period of 6 months up to 2 years. This might be an answer for many.
Rush Limbaugh was correct when he stated: These now cancelled health insurance policies cannot be revived and are now in the dung heap. Maybe our idiot politicians think they can dictate to the insurance companies but this will never fly.
It would be like trying to establish a new and improved Postal service, ha.
Repeal or Resign should be the new battle cry!
Fixing is not an option! As Rush Limbaugh correctly states: These cancelled health policies are now in the dung heap and not salvageable. You are correct, my friend. The dirty Dems are going to have some kind of dirty power play and deceive the people once again. Then, it's on to AMNESTY to bring in some more Democratic voters, ha.
It's not at all about having health insurance but expanding their zero sum game to include one sixth of the economy into their pie.
Democratic be sure!
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