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The Hildebeast is looking fat, sassy and entitled as ever.
Since when does an unauthorized mob of protestors have the right to know the outcome?
The Hildebeast.
Obama certainly didn't live up to the famous Greek columns that were a part of his 2008 Messiah is coming image.
I don't think impeachment is the answer as it may turn off those fair minded voters for 2016 elections although it is said, Obama would love the Congress to pursue impeachment.
I think we often forget that Obama is a community organizer and seems to thrive on continuous conflict. How did this guy ever get elected in the 1st place? Oh never mind.
Pull down your pants, Obama, take a look down and see how really small you are!
El Rushbo is warning these next 2 years will be critical and we should not let up thinking we have the power. Obama is still around and he has the devil on his side.
Look down for a second, Harry and see how small you really are, lol
And....Reid should be forced to office out of a stall in the men's room.
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