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Planned Parenthood deliberately targets predominantly black and minority neighborhoods for their killing centers. A disproportionate number of black babies are killed yet we continue to see black support for these liberal Democratic policies. When are people going to get wise to politicians like Pelosi?
Awesome WJF!
Willie, Willie, Willie What has gotten into you, son?
She looks like a hick from Arkansas with the biggest buck teeth I've ever seen. Away with the Clintons, forever.
We've spent billons on the war on poverty and how's that working out for us? We have a tremendous underclass that is draining more of our tax dollars. Some of these people are generational welfare families who do nothing but complain about how the government is cheating them. Ancient Rome may have been destroyed by the Huns and the Visigoths but the U.S.A. is being destroyed from within by our own class of barbarians.
Oops! Almost forgot the Schlitz beer to wash it all down.
Absolutely. What could go better with dog food then a few rotten old potatoes?
Right on baby....it's all bout them Perks! After a wonderful & inspiring 4 and a half years don't you think the world's hardest working messiah deserves a little R & R? Sure we'll be glad to pay the $800k to leave Mooch-el in Hawaii.
Oh don't you mean GOOFER?
As long as we continue to have more and more government give-a-ways Dems will continue to win elections. People are becoming addicted to that getting something for nothing mindset.
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