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Well said! The problem seems to be that so many citizenry are morally confused or simply don't care and I believe this is the problem in every state. We had gay marriage forced up us by the radical Iowa supreme court and Iowa is a testing ground for the RU486 drug being dispensed without a personal consultation with a Doctor. Braley's t.v. ads are painting Ernst as too extreme for Iowa. What a joke!
She has as about as much chance to win this election as a pre-fab double wide in a Texas twister.
BTW, Not our job to judge our fellow man, we'll leave that to God.
The Catholic church is not, never has been and never will be a political organization. Where do you think the Bible came from, anyway?
Yes, the Susan G. Koman (sp?) foundation does give a ton of money to PP and a lot of people maybe don't realize this. Easy to think they're above board but NOT TRUE.
The ad talks about those big bad Koch bros., about how Ernst wants to privatize social security and is against the $10.10 federal minimum wage. Is this all you got, Dems. What a weak case to run on and what tremendous credibility you have NOT! BTW, not a mention of Steyer's big environmental money for Brucie.
Joni Ernst connects well with Iowans and Braley has been playing himself as a moderate who will cross party lines. We've seen this trick before as Braley is a left wing nut job. Please my fellow Iowans, don't be fooled by the slick talking Braley.
Have you noticed how most every Democrat is telling their constituency that Obamacare can be fixed. Mary Landrieu thinks she will be reelected to fix Obamacare? Bet me Buckwheat.
Bend over, Taxpayers!
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