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CNN Presents The NEW & IMPROVED Obama: "Cautious & Cold In His 1st Term, Humble & Chill In His 2nd"

Crankshaft101 Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 8:53 AM
"He's run his last election...and is free to be himself." Are you kidding me? None of us are anywhere near done with this guy. He'll be around and "in our faces" for years to come. As evidenced by the Dems "new project" of allowing John Q. Citizen to buy time with King Barack. Yes, for a mere $500k donation, you may meet and hear Democratic propaganda on a quarterly basis. Wow, just the thought sends a tingle and a thrill down my pant leg, ha.

This "report" could easily have been an Obama campaign ad. You have to watch the whole thing: just when you think they are reaching too high, they grab a ladder and continue climbing. Watch Obama's White House press poodle Jessica Yellin try not to blush during the 7-minute CNN love fest for their infallible god-man Dear Leader. And Jake Tapper (say it ain't so) appears with Yellin to pile on the praises.

Behold ye multitudes of little people: