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Parents Let Teens do Stupid Things

cramsey Wrote: Mar 13, 2013 6:13 PM
Here's a rule for parents: Never let your child become more lethal than you are. By the time my daughter was a teen, she was a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do, quite capable of Kicking Our Butts. So, when we grounded er and she climbed out the window (2nd story) and scampered off, there reaalllyy wasn't a lot we could do about it. She did threaten to call HRS on us and get herself put in a foster home. I picked up the phone and handed it to her. "Go right ahead." I told her. "See if your foster mother will bake chocolate chip cookies three times a week for you." She pouted, then walked away. Never had a bit of trouble after that.

Mom-blogger Ursula Hennessey, writing last week at, questioned the lax supervision provided by too many parents of teens. A recent story in her local paper recapped an alarming incident in which nine high school students were found in one of the teen’s garage, drinking beer and setting up for an evening of drinking games.

They were caught thanks to neighbors who complained about the loud music emanating from the property. Here’s the kicker: The homeowners (read: parents) were inside their house, just across the driveway.

“What gives?” Mrs. Hennessey wonders. “How is it possible for parents to be so clueless...