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Let’s Help Academia Destroy Itself

cramsey Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 7:04 PM
When I first went to college in '71, it was still possible to work your way through college. I went to a local community college, got a work-ship, and it wasn't till I went to a two-year University I started feeling the bite. I worked two jobs at a time during the summers, and pa-time jobs during the school terms, and still had a hard time keeping up. Books were outrageously expensive, even used, and prices just kept going up. I could have kicked kids who whined that they were only there cause Mom and Dad "made" them, and especially the dweeb who said he chose USF in ampa "'cause it's close to Disney World." Costs kept rising, and I finally had to drop out. I joined the Army and got the GI Bill, and went back a few years after I got out.

Conservatives should welcome the decline of academia as we know it. I, for one, will celebrate its death by engaging in the same activity that characterized my four years at what some call its pinnacle– drinking a lot of Coors Light.

There is still nostalgia among conservatives, especially older ones who have forgotten what college is really like, for the idea of higher education as a rigorous venue for intellectual growth, an environment of exciting and vibrant ideas shared by wise, caring educators dedicated to the pursuit of truth.

Today, it is nothing of the sort.

For the vast majority...