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Violence Breaks Out in Michigan Against Conservatives as Union Protests Rage

CraigWBryant Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 4:29 PM
So exactly what has a union done to create jobs? Union tactics have actually KILLED JOBS. Unions drove up costs in the auto industry and pushed the Big Three to the point of failure, resulting in reduced production and plant closure (translation lost jobs) and more recently, due to union tactics, Hostess decided it wasn't worth it to remain in business any longer and took their ball (huge profits) and went home, killing tens of thousands of jobs along the way. So please, again, enlighten me as to how unions have created jobs.

The Republican controlled Michigan legislature passed right-to-work legislation late Tuesday morning as union members loudly protested inside and outside of the Capitol in Lansing. Michigan Democrat Rep. Douglas Geiss threatened on the House floor this morning "there would be blood" if the legislation passed. Riot police have been on the scene since early this morning bracing for violence.

The Michigan House Democrats reiterated their threat on their Twitter page, but have since deleted it.