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The 400,000 Votes That Tipped the Election

CraigWBryant Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 3:53 PM
Henry, first, thanks for clarifiying, I thought your comment early about knowing nothing about the military was aimed at me. Second, Nodeamass will never see the falacies of his own arguments. He keeps lumping DOE expenditures into the DOD budget, and then when called on it tried to lump VA into the DOD budget. I'm sure if we give him enough time he'll figure out a way to lump the GM bailout into the DOD budget!
Henry VIII Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 4:01 PM
Craig, first I am so sorry if you thought I was referring to you. What nodeasse doesn't know about most subjects could fill the State of Cal, from which he hails, and you can now see why Cal is in a world of hurt, and how obozo got reelected.

Broad trends and the national political undertow can't be adequately captured in any single statistic -- but if Mitt Romney had managed to push the electorate in a handful of states a few clicks in his direction, he'd be the president-elect, rather than an also-ran.  Via Jim Geragthy:

Florida: 73,858

Ohio: 103,481

Virginia: 115,910

Colorado: 113,099

Those four states, with a collective margin of, 406,348 for Obama, add up to 69 electoral votes. Had Romney won 407,000 or so additional votes in the right proportion in those states, he would have 275...