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Conservative Offers $20,000 to Anyone Who Can Produce Obama’s College Transcripts

CraigWBryant Wrote: Aug 19, 2012 7:55 PM
Well, the Constitution cares where he was born. Its written in there, in order to be candidate for President one must be a natural born citizen. Am I questioning Obama's citizenship? Nope. Am I calling you ignorant for making a statement that you don't care where the President is born? You betcha.

If you want to score twenty G’s this summer and garner at least thirty minutes of crazy fame then get busy rooting out Obama’s college transcripts.

This past Friday provocateur Brooks Bayne who runs asked me if I’d help get the word out about his offer of 20k to anyone who could produce what the White House does not want us to lay our eyes on, namely: BHO’s college docs.

I told Brooks, “Let me pray about it and I’ll get back with you.” Being a man of my word I knelt and prayed, “Lord, what...