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Roberts' Ruling Took Guts

CraigWBryant Wrote: Jun 29, 2012 3:03 PM
What Roberts did was to essentially punt the issue and provide an open door for a future challenge. The court cannot rule on the constitutionality of a tax until after that tax has been collected. By declaring this a tax, Roberts avoided anyone accusing the court of attempting to influence the presidential race, and provided an open door for future challenges to the "tax" down the road, a very intricate plan, but if you read his opinion, he clearly states that it is up to the people to decide if they want this law or not. So, if you don't want the law, let your opinion be heard on Nov. 6!
If you're using the search engine, you're using the bread and butter of their business and the product that brings them the most $$$, yeah, way to go, way to show 'em....
Evan, finally something we agree on....we've made college attendance/graduation a de facto requirement for earning enough to enjoy any appreciable quality of life in this nation, a sad statement indeed.
Before I "trust you" on how much its dumbed down, please provide me with (a) your statistics to prove its been dumbed down and (b) proof of your certification/qualifications to make such a statement
is the kids fault...please, take off the jaded lenses of the 1%, join the real world, and realize that this is bad policy
Evan, I am beginning to wonder if you actually live in the real world. Here's the unfortunate vicious cycle we are in right now. (1) Kid graduates from high school, wants to get a job in any number of fields, all of which require at a minimum nowadays a bachelor's degree (2) kid applies to get, and is accepted to colleges to get pre-requisite degree (3) due to spiraling higher education costs kid has to take on loans in order to get degree to get said job (4) kid graduates and finds out that thanks to a terrible economy there are no jobs, and the few that are there barely pay enough to him/her to pay his debt and afford the very basics of life, then gov't comes along and wants to add to the debt burden...but yes, the whole problem here
(1) Paying for an education to better yourself is never a "bad investment", whats said is what it has come to cost in America (2) No one is asking anyone else to pay their student loans back, simply saying lets not ADD to the debt they already owe, big difference there, I understand your right wing mentality predisposes you to believing that everyone is trying to dig in your pockets, but no one in this article or any of the posts insinuated anything near recommending that folks not pay their own debt, you're radical right wing-ism is clouding your judgement
I hope to move to whatever youre state in where tuition room and board is under $8000 a year, it was more than that at all the public schools I applied to 12 years ago. I am basing my numbers off what I am currently paying off on my wife's loans, I guess its actually over 10 years since she was two years into paying them off when I married her and assumed the debt. Sure, there are some university jobs available, but certainly not enough for every student, and if a student has to take time off to work to pay they're going to have to stay in school longer in order to finish, and thus incur more costs
thats the basics of free-market economy (aka supply and demand) which is what still, officially at least, practice in this nation.
You are exactly correct, the biggest "inherent flaw" in this system is the government ever issuing the loans in the first place. The government should no business in any consumer banking of any type, which is exactly what student loans are. Banking should be conducted in the private sector. Unfortunately, all these government loans have done is serve to increase the cost of education in America. Funny how the average rate for in-state tuition has steadily risen to stay right at what the borrowing limit is on these loans. Do away with these loans, make education something folks have to pay for via cash (or other PRIVATELY funded means), and when folks stop coming, I guarantee you the cost of education will start coming back down
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