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Women in Combat: Felony Stupid

Craigskeet Wrote: Feb 18, 2013 3:20 PM
Martin96, you're right about Soviet women on the front lines in Stalingrad--not so sure about Kursk, unless there were woman tankers. But anyway, Stalingrad was a last-stand, all-hands-on-deck battle, and women willingly took up arms. Stalin did NOT, however, institute mass female conscription during the Great Patriotic War . . .

The term “moronic” is defined as “notably stupid or lacking in good judgment.” It is frequently used as an insult.

The Obama administration is moronic.

This is not an insult.

President Obama’s latest “notably stupid” stoke of America’s calculated slow burn is the decision to lift the ban on women in direct combat. Along with the move a few years back to turn the Officers’ Club into the Blue Oyster Bar, this most recent social experiment with national security represents one small step for the “progressive” agenda and one giant prance toward the pansification of the greatest military...