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Rachel, One more point: Folks like Harvey Weinstein are inadvertently the NRA's best friends, since their irrational fear-mongering stirs up gun owners and swells the ranks of the NRA. So, Harvey, go for it! You and your genius progressive friends are the best we on the right can hope for!
Here's a president who has never made a mistake in his entire life--naturally any unpopularity he suffers can't be due to his performance . . . it HAS to be racism! I have to say that Mr. Obama is doing his utmost to create a very unhappy and surly nation, which instinctively rewards performance and competence and will have an increasingly difficult time stomaching this guy. Racism on my part? Well, I would install any of the following black people as president TODAY: Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Condoleeza Rice, Larry Elder . . . the list goes on, but you get my point, I hope.
I bet the folks who put together the "Come to New York and start a business" national promotional campaign aren't too happy right now with Andy. Probably difficult to fine-tune the attractiveness of the business environment in NY when Andy exudes exclusionism . . .
Brilliant move by the NRA! They've paid Weinstein to go ballistic and make a crazy film designed to swell the NRA ranks by another 5,000,000. I wonder how much Weinstein got for this? Did he give any to Meryl? Who's that other fat Hollywood guy who did the NRA a favor years ago . . . Bowling for Columbine . . . oh, yeah, Michael Moore! How much money did he get from the NRA? Seriously, Wayne LaPierre doesn't have to pay a penny to these poor saps, who simply expand the NRA ranks every time they open their sloppy mouths.
Well, Bob, don't say what YOU think, say what WE want you to say! At some point, Bob, you'll probably get tired of parroting this neophyte's socialist line . . . won't you? After all, you're the adult in the room, or are you one of Obama's caged talking birds?
Obamacare is why communism doesn't work in America--you simply can't "herd the scorched cats" if you don't run a police state. Translation for the challenged: Young people will not pay these premiums, they will not get health insurance, and they will evade ALL attempts to force them to do otherwise. Oh, and the rest of us taxpaying Americans will vote in 2014 to throw the bastards out.
Hey, Barbara, are you really a "journalist"? If you truly thought Obama was the next Messiah, you were a hopeless adolescent!!! You are devastatingly beyond describing, dear! I knew after Obama's second campaign speech in 2008 that he was a charlatan, and NOTHING i've read, seen, or heard since has convinced me otherwise. Again, my dear, you are HOPELESS!!!
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The New York Times Destroys Obama

Craigskeet Wrote: Jan 05, 2014 10:02 PM
A couple issues Kilpatrick forgot to address: Why was Stevens in Benghazi on 9/11 in the first place? Why haven't we heard from the 20+ successfully evacuated survivors of the consulate attack? Really, Kilpatrick, wonderful journalism . . . can we get you a gold-embossed Democratic Party membership card???
Why was Stevens in Benghazi? Obama and Clinton provided Stinger missiles "Iran-contra" style to the Libyan opponents to Qaddafi; then they got REALLY worried about fallout from the use of these weapons against US interests, and ordered Stevens to Benghazi to negotiate a buy-back. The terrorists had other ideas . . . This scandal should bring down Obama's government and consign Clinton to the historical scrap-heap. Oh . . . but I forgot the mainstream media is on THEIR side. So the truth will never come out--no "Woodward and Bernstein" here!!! The coverup will never be breached.
So, you can keep your doctor, period. You're going to save $2,500 per family per year. The insurers are going to compete for your business--it's just like buying "stuff" on Amazon. Uh, Obama, stuff it, buddy!
At last, some honesty! So, we're headed for the two-tiered medical system in the US; pay enough, and get seen today. Get on Obamacare and get seen someday, maybe, and perhaps even by a doctor (but better check his license . . .)
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