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Benghazi and Hillary

Craigskeet Wrote: Jun 29, 2014 1:09 PM
Here's the REAL Benghazi story: Obama and Clinton conspired illegally to provide Libyan rebels with shoulder-fired Stinger missiles to fight Qaddafi. After his fall, they got really nervous about those weapons and ordered Stevens to go to Benghazi to negotiate buying them back, incredibly on September 11th, apparently ignorant of the obsession of Muslims with anniversaries. So, the rebels simply had other ideas, and executed Stevens. This scandal makes Reagan's Iran-Contra affair seem like a Sunday school picnic. I can tell you, until this issue is COMPLETELY investigated, I'm going with my version. Any comments?
Mr. Bloomberg, Spend your money rebuilding mental hospitals in this country, where we can put the young nutcases. And how about more prisons for the sane gun criminals? Then, leave the rest of us alone. Your NRA gambit is hilarious!
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Obama Admin Downplays Boston Bombings?

Craigskeet Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 3:41 PM
So, the chance is that even hyper-liberal Boston will turn against this president--great news!
EssEffArr, YOU can't be serious!!! Of course there are fringe elements of the black population in this country that are racist . . . after all, the definition of racism is to "draw value judgments regarding people based purely on skin color." So, again, sir, YOU can't be taken seriously!
Wait a minute, Nancy . . . there's a bigger core of racist Democrats than Republicans. They're black, so I suppose you missed the point here--color is IRRELEVANT to racism. Nancy, will you please get smart, or shut up?
Let's see, "Come out against the 2nd Amendment." Hmmm, it's the law of the land, and it's been affirmed as an individual right to bear arms for any legal purpose in the Heller case ruling by the US Supreme Court. Really, there's nothing to talk about here. Liberals simply have to move on now.
For Pelosi's information, the Republican agenda is to pass as little legislation as possible, and to cut taxes and regulation wherever possible. But Pelosi, who never saw a government program she didn't endorse, wouldn't have any clue that the Republican approach could be called an "agenda."
As lawyer Joseph Wilson once said during the McCarthy hearings, "At long last, sir, have you no shame?" Seriously, Mr. Obama, you are a SOCIALIST; Republicans are NOT socialists . . . that simple reason is why they oppose your "policies." Are you, at long last, too ashamed to admit that you will NEVER get anything through a divided Congress? I don't want Congress to pass a SINGLE piece of legislation in the next three years, because ANY legislation that gets through will be socialist in concept, and you will sign it. Congress will simply not pass any legislation that you will veto. So, congratulations on presiding over a "zero-sum-game" for the next three years.
Too bad one of the "guiding principles" in the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision was to permit a state interest in setting abortion limits during the third trimester of pregnancy. I guess our Constitutional law, Harvard Law Review president didn't read that far in the majority opinion . . .
Rachel, One more point: Folks like Harvey Weinstein are inadvertently the NRA's best friends, since their irrational fear-mongering stirs up gun owners and swells the ranks of the NRA. So, Harvey, go for it! You and your genius progressive friends are the best we on the right can hope for!
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