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so you've seen it? really? Was the child supposed to Eat the brown bag.. What was in the brown bag that was so healthy, in your view?
autopsies on young soldiers coming back from Iraq and their arteries already clogged with yellow gunk. Apparently you patriots think that's a good thing?Do you want the government to promote healthy eating in public schools, or would you prefer that the government stopped funding the healthcare for diabetes and cardiac patients?
school lunches in public, government run schools in the United States are not done in your kitchen or dining room..did you think they were?
Caldwell Esselstyn MD....Cleveland Clinic... you and your spawn are too stupid to figure it out..thus the gene pool will be cleansed.
you absolutely have the right to be as stupid as cat poo and eat lots of animal fat and starch. Presumably you would not want medicare to pay for your heart and diabetes dramas..right? Why would you object to your kids getting just one healthy meal a day. You can stuff them with bacon and macaroni the rest of the time, which is most of the time. Gee, you'd think you'd want them to be that when you are bedridden with the consequences of your food choices, they could help you.
you had it right the first time. ..must be your junky diet.
there is no such place,it's all in your imagination. Do you also believe in the tooth fairy?
yeah, you might get to keep your social security and medicare.
Phony has no "e". You say taxpayers paid for the food of kids in schools. Are you aware that taxpayers also pay for the healthcare of millions of such folks who get diabetes, heart disease, and a host of other problems because of what they put in their mouths. You think taxpayers should want to pay for food that kills, instead of food that heals? Is that like a Christian principle or something? Where do you pull it from?
airheads aren't Princeton honors grads and don't go to Harvard Law...and don't work as vice-president of the University of chicago hospital group. do you know anyting at all about Michelle obama's life and accomplishments ..or do you just hate smart,uppity black American women?
Just because a lawyer goes inactive and doesn't practice,doesn't mean they aren't still a it..see bar association rules. I'll bet you were really apoplectic when obama bagged Osama.. When that heart attack arrives for you, because of your intake of animal fats over the decades, will you blame Michelle Obama? or blubber that you should have listened to information about "what you eat, you are".
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