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name a bill with bipartisan support which Senator Reid has refused to bring to the floor..quick now pussycat....!! faster faster!!! having trouble?
that "need" is up to you, the voter...get with it.
so if you had a fabulous President or Senator or congresswoman...you would be happy to get rid of them? Term limits are the product of weak, lazy minds.
from where in the Constitution do you draw your conclusion,or is it from your butt?
because anarchy....doesn't work.
I'll be you are a real firecracker in bed...full of imagination..about things you could never do. so when the guys flaunt their abs..like Paul Ryan...what do you think?
I've got two words about gaydar: Paul Ryan
to help the national gene pool, would you please go out and stuff yourself silly with fast food? frequently?
so you've seen it? really? Was the child supposed to Eat the brown bag.. What was in the brown bag that was so healthy, in your view?
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