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If you were as smart as you propose you would know what I was doing by making those comments but apparently the irony escapes you which is often the case with those who are not quite as cleaver as they claim. Perhaps you don't like the pedophile comments for a different reason but no matter. Go ahead and rant, go ahead and continue to attack those within your ranks. The problem with the Republican Party is that the establishment refuses to meet the enemy with the force necessary to defeat them. They refuse to let the light of day in on the progressive liberal mindset and expose it for what it really is. You think you know me but have no clue. You are an example of what causes conservatives to lose elections.
So you chose NOT to vote for Romney! Well then that means you support Obama. No one is perfect but you have to start somewhere. Did you reject Romney because of his religion? That would make you a bigot. Funny that you prefer a Muslim over a Mormon. Romney was all about States Rights and as the governor of a VERY Liberal State had to compromise in order to get things done. That's politics. You can't make everyone happy and when you lead a government of the people sometimes you need to give the people what they want. Do you think Romney would have been able to accomplish anything in Mass. if he was a hard core conservative? No, he is a good man with good intents for everyone. He is willing to listen and that's what good Representatives do.
And what dear "Tinsidr2" Did I say that was not conservative? What did I post that was ridiculous to you? Are you defending RGR24? Are you saying that I am wrong? What have I said that is wrong and who made you the definer of conservative? Looks to me that you prefer the company of RGR24, why would that be?
RGR24 can't help what he says. He is mentally ill. He is in fact a pedophile who prefers little boys. This makes him a homosexual pedophile. He probably has a membership with NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association). I did some counseling of sex offenders many years ago and I can tell you that they are for the most part incurable. They use the EXACT same arguments as the so called "Gay" community and they were once supported by GLAAD until GLAAD nearly lost their UN Charter because of NAMBLA. NAMBLA marches in the San Francisco Gay Pride parades. The same parades that Nancy supports and rides floats in. There is little difference between a typical "OUT" homosexual and a NAMBLA member. NAMBLA members are all in fact Homosexual.
So you are a pedophile. I'm glad you admit the truth finally. Now we can make sure you don't harm anymore little children. It is a fact that pedophiles often escalate in their need to satisfy their carnal desires which children. You need help and probably prison time since it's a fact that pedophiles generally have committed a number of acts before they are discovered. Please turn yourself in before you hurt anymore little children. I know you believe it's natural but it is NOT at all and you are scaring children for life. Perhaps you were abused as a child but that is NO Excuse for you continuing the pattern.
Most conceal carry owners have always been quite about it because that's the whole purpose of conceal and carry. Also conceal and carry owners rarely if at all commit gun crime whereas none permit owners who obtain their weapons illegally generally do commit gun crime. But of course your liberal logic being what it is makes you unable to see the difference.
RGR24, are you a Pedophile? An analysis of your writing indicates that you may be a homosexual and that your preference may be for young boys under the age of 13. Is this who you really are? An examination of the IP address from where your posts originate speaks volumes as to who you really are. Should we publish your home address just to make sure you don't abuse little boys? Perhaps we should.
Wow RGR24 you really are smoking some good crack today. You say that "Home invasions by strangers almost never happen" What kind of moron are you. Home Invasions most often happen by strangers. Do you have any idea what a "Home Invasion" is? apparently not. Here's another rarely reported FACT. In areas where legal gun ownership is common crime is very low. In areas where it is not crime is very high. Here's another FACT: Rich Liberals and Liberal Politicians take advantage of gun ownership for protection. They put their children in schools that have armed guards as a matter of policy. They carry or have personal security who carries. Diana Feinstein carries a gun and has the rare California Conceal and Carry permit. Can you say hypocrite?
Perhaps someone should find the names and addresses of all the editors and journalist of this news paper and publish them. I bet there are probably a number of pedophiles on staff that need to be exposed.
The worst thing that could happen to the US is to have another Obama term. He is scared and will do anything to keep power. He doesn't care about the Constitution. He thinks he's above such things. He is a narcissistic spoiled little child in over his head. We need to rid the government of Obama and his cronies or we will all suffer. All accept King Obama and his court that is.
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