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Fraid not, kenoshamarge. Actually, I think there are a few, however, it may be wishful thinking on my part. Certainly, I have not seen anyone take any real action to correct the horrible mess that's been made of this country by the left. There are a lot of spoken words, but I see no action. Other than groups like the ACLJ who are spinning their wheels just trying to address the constant illegalities perpertrated by this "administration." But they are trying to fight fair with people who have no rules. That's a hard thing to do.
Mark Davis: "...In Ferguson, it is impossible to know for certain which side to take in the shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson..." Speak for yourself Mark Davis. When a career criminal robs a store and then proceeds to bash the skull of a police officer, I have no fuzziness about "which side to take." While your article makes excellent points for the most part, this fuzziness you display is exactly the kind of weakling attitude many so-called conservatives take in the face of violent law-breaking by a protected classes of the population. Then you take it further: "..We have no idea what happened in this tragic story..." Uh... unless you are in complete intentional denial, we have a very good idea of what happened. A thug had robbed a convenience store. When confronted by police, he attacked the officer bashing his skull. When firing 5 rounds into the perp's arm did not stop the attack by the perp, the officer finally did what he had to do in order to save his own life. He fired a shot into the head. Nothing confusing here. I dare say, sharpton, jackson or any of the other race hustlers would have responded in the same way officer Wilson did in the same circumstances.
Barone, why do you say "...the facts still seem unclear..." Maybe to someone who is in total denial. However, to someone (such as myself) who doesn't twist themselves into a pretzel trying to justify such savagery as the riots going on now, the facts are very clear. Perp robs convenience store. Perp is approached by policeman. Perp fractures skull of officer and would have killed him, had the officer not stopped him with a bullet. Remember, the perp was shot 5 times in the arm which did not subdue him, BEFORE the officer decided his own life was more important to him than the perp's and finally fired the shot that killed the perp. What is so complicated about this? The evidence and witnesses show that this is exactly what happened. Anything else is just whipped up intentional false accusations by the media and the race hustlers, for the purpose of causing the riots which they did cause. There are laws against inciting riots and that is exactly what has happened here, just as in L.A. and other cities. It is high time these people were held accountable for their domestic terrorisim.
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Must We Have a Dead White Kid?

crackerette Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 8:28 AM
Erickson, please don't go into public "service." You would just be another RINO who ignores reality. And BTW, although I agree with much of your talk radio opinions, you spend far too much time telling us about your own experiences and relationships. That's not what most people listen to talk radio for.
Sean245, I don't think the dry tinder is waiting for a spark. Do you have any idea of the black on white vicious, vilent crime which is epidemic now in the U.S.? The dry tinder waiting for a spark is the other race (white) sick and tired of this. Worst part, the perptrators are literally getting away withe rape, torture and murder of innocent whites. There is your dry tinder.
Mike Davis, when you talk about "racially-based police misbehavior" you are ablsolutely right! A few years back a policeman pulled a woman over and cameras showed the big burley policeman body-slam the petite little middle aged woman to the ground. She suffered injuries and eneded up getting $300,000 from the police department... OH WAIT!! The policeman was black and the woman was white so that doesn't count as "racial police misbehavior, right? RIGHT.
"...But, for Republicans to do anything other than to wait out two more years of Obama would be a serious mistake that would rapidly move public opinion, that currently is slipping away from him on issue after issue, right back into his corner..." OMG, that kind of thinking is exactly why we are in this mess now. The traitor in the WH needs, not only to be impeached, but to be tried for treason, among other lawless acts, found guilty and sentenced accordingly. The biggest problem in the republican party is that they are a bunch of cowardly whimps are more concerned about their image with dems, media and other lefties, than the demise of this country. There are myriad of reasons to impeach the traitor; but the only thing people like Towery can come up with, are excuses not to do so. If George Washington, and the other founders had that kind of attitude, we would still be under british rule...
They have done so much harm to American women...
hahaha. Yes, he is.
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The Lost Sounds of Summer

crackerette Wrote: Jul 24, 2014 11:43 AM
Wow. How I long for the good ole days. They are gone for good I fear.
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