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Romney Receives Standing Ovation for Straight Talk at NAACP Convention

C R A C K E R B A B Y Wrote: Jul 11, 2012 4:24 PM
Oh, and as for "who's paying for the tax cut," whatever do you mean? Do you mean that by stealing less of my money (each dollar is more time of my life, effort, blood, sweat and tears), that someone is actually paying me something I didn't earn? Let me tell you something, you freeloading piece of garbage. I hope whatever taxes were not stolen from the mouths of my children come directly out of the mouths of your welfare queen baby mommas' litter. Get off your keister, man up and support your own and stop acting like you own my labor. I am not your slave.

GOP Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney just wrapped up his speech to the NAACP convention in Houston, focusing mostly on the economy and education reform. Right out of the gate, Romney received laughs from the crowd after cracking a joke about President Obama.

“I appreciate the chance to speak first – even before Vice President Biden gets his turn tomorrow.  I just hope the Obama campaign won’t think you’re playing favorites."

Romney framed his speech in general economic terms and tailored parts of it specifically to the African-American community. He focused on the family and...