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Palin appeared in the Presidential debates? Your dog tell you that?
Organic is usually shorthand for overpriced and inferior quality. Mankind has been eating hybrid species of food plants and animals for generations, corresponding with increases in life expectancy and decreases in disease wherever such foods make their appearance. I must say, the produce department at my local Whole Foods is magnificent, albeit very expensive. Other than that I have little use for the place. If Chuck sells enough cheap fitness machines through the mail to finance his organic food obsession, fine for him. I'm looking for quality and I'll pay for it, but not Certified Organic prices.
I think Mrs. Hagelin is just a bit biased as an Eagle Mom. The BSA, as of today, still does not admit homosexual men as leaders for the same reasons the Girl Scouts do not admit heterosexual men as leaders. At best, it doesn't look good. At worst are those cases where predators have become scout leaders and tragedy has resulted. So the BSA does its best to screen out leaders with male sexual attraction as a sensible precaution. I don't really want to go out in the woods with a troop of young girls. But there are unscrupulous men who would jump at the chance. The BSA deals with the same problem. But that is not the substance of this current decision by the BSA. The whole idea behind scouting was that as the industrial revolution moved fathers off the farm into jobs and out of the lives of their sons, the resulting lack of direction could cause some young, vulnerable and easily confused boys' lives to spin out of control. Many have been wrongly convinced they are homosexual. Scouting aims to provide positive male role models for boys who might be missing that in their life. Who knows how many boys who thnk they're gay will get themselves together by being part of a group whose founding purpose was to straighten boys out before their lives went seriously off the rails. By all means, admit gay scouts.
Very few musicians on this list.
Rachel Alexander keeps harping on FOXNews and it's dearth of minority talking heads. She mentioned some chick that wrote a letter to Reince Priebus about this, as though FOXNews were run by Reince Priebus. How naive. Fox News is not run by Repuglicans for the benefit of the party's political fortunes. If it were, it would focus-group its choice of presenters and Rachel would be happier. Fox News is a business. It caters to white people of generally right wing sensibility. There is a lot of money to be made there. If maximizing profit at Fox News hurts Republicans' (and FOXNews') image with the broader set of Americans, that is something Ailes & Co. will shed a tear about on therir way to the bank.
Your point being? My wife is FBI (full blooded Indian). While getting her Ph.D. She endured terrible abuse from a couple of liberal bully profs who docked her grade for daring to stand up and call BS on their prog nonsense. She was told by one of them, a frumpy feminazi whose biggest problem with her wasn't that she was conservative or Native Alaskan, but that she was a hottie who liked femininity, that her notions would ground her in the real world and she'd never amount to anything. That prof is still frumpy, alone, and drawing an associate prof's meager check at a public university all these years later. The target of her ire was a corporate VP by age 37 and is still a hottie who out-earns that prof nearly 4 to 1.
Ummm, not a felony. Thank you for playing.
I favor complete amnesty, total immigration freedom for anybody who will submit to a background check that shows no felony behavior or ties to our enemies, revocable at any time for bad behavior. But there's just one little catch: no freebies or non-English-language public employees at all, ever, for them or their kids. That will weed out almost all the lazybones who expect us to give them free stuff or learn their language instead of the other way round. You came here to work? Good. Bring your skills and brains with you and expand the economy. Contribute and you are welcome here! Water's warm, jump in, just like our ancestors did when they got off the boat and just as each of us ought to be expected to do.
I love Marco Rubio, but I fear he will disappoint you when you find out he is with McCain and the rest of the Shamnesty crowd.
Yes, David, heaven help the children of the non-Frosty faiths. They will surely be mercilessly mocked by their Frosty The Snowman-worshiping peers.
So it's not there. Thank you. Jefferson's interpretation does not have the force of law, and the SCOTUS can change on a whim.
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